Films4peace réunit une pléiade d’artistes contemporains qui proposent leurs représentations de la paix. Ces artistes engagés proposent à la discussion leurs réalisations par le biais de multiples plateformes web avant, pendant et après la célébration de la Journée internationale de la paix, le 21 septembre.

Films4peace is a short film commission by PUMA, produced by the international film networking organisation Shooting People and curated by Mark Coetzee. Now in its third year, this unique project features some of today’s most innovative contemporary artists visually interpreting the subject of peace. These engaging works are screened and discussed at cultural and educational venues globally and online via websites, blogs and media channels on and after World Peace Day on 21 September each year. By releasing these short films as broadly as possible, on multiple live and virtual platforms, the aim is to effect positive social change and broaden the discussions around peace globally.